Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Craft or Prepare to Move

I love this rose right now.....so pretty.

I have 2 swaps that need to be don in the the next week or so. One that needs to be done by the middle of May. I don't plan on joining anymore until after we move....well i'll try. I'm really going to have trouble not checking out the swapping forum. Maybe I'll just do one or 2 easy ones....but I really shouldn't.

I need to use my time to get rid of stuff and pack...and I need to use my money to pay for movers. Doug has his surgery over a year ago but he's still on light duty. He shouldn't be lifting heavy things. I can't live here anymore and waiting until July is hell. I just want to jump ahead to August.

My brother had a temper tantrum and punched a wall breaking his hand. Then he took off for 2 weeks to someone's house up by Edmonton. My mom doesn't know who. My sister is sneaking out of the house for some reason. She's an adult and mom doesn't care. She didn't care when I did it in my teens, she doesn't care her son hasn't worked in over 4 years, she doesn't care her youngest has no sense of responsablity.

I need a bath to calm down now.