Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Hair Today...Gone Tomorrow

So I cut my hair off.....and donated it to Locks of Love...

It's kinda a big deal for me....my hair hasn't been this short since i was 10 years old.

I decided that short so I'd have enough to donate but also for my Halloween costume. How do we look? Velma and Shaggy.....

It's hard to get used to the hair...i wake up in the morning and its all over the place. I haven't had bangs in 3 years. But I'm using less shampoo and I don't have to pull it back to make supper or sleep. It dries allot quicker too. I'll get used to it.

We had a blast at the Halloween Party Saturday night. Too bad we had to leave early cuz I had to work at 7am the next morning.

On a sad note....I had a melt down yesterday. I walked down the card isle as work and noticed the Christmas cards for grandmas. I thought about having picking one out cuz I always spent abit more on Grandma's cards. I didn't want to send the same card everyone else got. Then I remember that she's gone. I couldn't sleep until 3am. I'm missing her so much.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

I'm a sicko

I've been so sick the last few days. Slept in this morning when I shouldn't have but I needed it so much. I have so much to do tomorrow....and these are in no order....

  1. Pack Leif's Bag for Camp
  2. Finish my Halloween costume, dye socks and make skirt.
  3. Laundry
  4. Finish and mail last days of 13 Days of Halloween Swap
  5. Finish bag for October Birthday Swap...hopefully mail
  6. Pay Bills
  7. Drop Leif off at 6pm to go to Camp
  8. Look up pictures for Velma and hair cut ideas.
I'm sure there's more that I'm forgetting but I'm too tired to think right now.

Halloween is only a few days away....I love this time of year and
sometimes I hate it. TV and radio interviewing "ghost busters" and "real witches". I don't like people speaking for me and I don't like people stereotyping witches and pagans. I'm in no way Wiccan so I don't follow the rede and believe in it so when I hear a Wiccan talk to someone on Tv and say "witches follow the rede and it says to harm none" I want to scream. And why do they only come out at Halloween when the green faced witches are expected. Ostara is also a beautiful Pagan holiday and what about Yule.

Anyway....just bitching about something I can't change. It's always going to be that way....it's like fluffy bunnies....just got to ignore them.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

She's gone

That's Grandma last month at her 80th birthday party. Not only did she get to see most of her kids, grandkids and great grand kids...she got to see all her surviving brothers and sisters. All the ladies who've come for tea weekly for years were there as well. She had to keep taking naps because being at the table was making her tired.

Isn't she beautiful? Her name is Joyce...perfect name for an angel. She pasted on Oct 20, 2010....that's 10/20/2010. One month after she turned 80. She's with Grandpa now...13 years with out him. She's a very strong lady. 2 month before I was born she had so bury one of her daughters. Jo died in a car accident. She's with her too now.

They're going to sell the house. I know who ever buys it will tear it down...I wish I could buy it. It's the only place I knew I was welcome. A safe haven from the world....there's always food and a warm bed. Now where can I go? I wanted to move back so bad and help take care of Grandma but we couldn't move yet. Sorry Grandma.

Mom just got home and I want to come running to her but I can't. I'm the one who can't be that way. I've missed her so much tho it's not fair. She talked about how stuff was divided and who got what. Between 8 kids, 30 plus grandkids and many great grandkids there was enough to go around. The thought of something going to a thrift store was so depressing....I didn't care if I got it just as long as someone did. But I'd give everything up to see my Grandma again.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Grandma's are for hugs.

My grandma is sick and in the hospital. She's knocked out and a machine is breathing for her. They want her oxygen levels to go up and her lungs to start working. They're giving her until Tuesday then they're "pulling the pug" as TV puts it. I'm going to miss her but she's not the same since her stroke 5 years ago and things keep getting worst. And it doesn't help that everyone that lives near her are a bunch of self centered bastards.

Thursday night she called around to people trying to get someone to drive her to the hospital but everyone was too busy. Friday morning a family friend, not family, drove her. She had 9 kids and 8 are still alive, plus the many grandkids who drive. Why couldn't anyone drive her? My Mom talked to Grandma Friday morning before Slim came for her. Mom said she sounded awful. Why wouldn't you want to drive your mother or grandmother to the hospital? I would have but I don't live in that city.

If grandma passes....that's going to be the last memories she had. Of her family not being there for her...of feeling alone. I hate that.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Halloween is Coming....weeee

I'm not that good with posting a blog everyday. My life is kinda boring.

Is it sad that I'm more excited for Halloween then my birthday. My birthday is on Thnaksgiving this year.....weeeee. But Halloween is on the weekend. I'm planning neat costumes for Doug and I....Shaggy and Velma from Scooby Doo.

I plan on switching my glasses for the more darker rimmed ones. I'm cutting my hair and donating what's left...right now it's close to my but crack. I hope it doesn't look too bad. Doug is growing his hair out...hope it'll be long enough but his last hair cut was a bit too short.

I love Halloween so much. Still working on my 13 Days of Halloween Swap. I wish I could post pictures but my partner might see. I'm hopping to mail the first half tomorrow. I made a bit boo boo yesterday....lol....can't talk about that either.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Pirate Bust

Look at what I found at Value Village....

He's a bit pale right now so he needs to be painted. Doug wants him to be blond with blue eyes but I don't know. I think he'll be a wonderful addition to my pirate bathroom.

Here's more from our awesome unfinished pirate bathroom....

Herbie the Parrot....

A painting I bought at the last Roller Derby....

Isn't this an awesome towel?

I found a kewl looking treasure chest at Michaels I hope to get this week. And I have more ideas but this is what we have so far.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Pizza Potatoes

Here's something I made from the old-then-me recipe card I got from my mom....

You take a box of scalloped(I used two) and put them in a casserole dish.

You take a can of tomatoes about 1 1/2 of water and oregano put in all in a sauce pan and bring to a boil.

You add it to the potatoes and put a layer of pepperoni...

Then mozzarella cheese.....my favorite part...

Cook it all at 400 for 30 minutes and your house will smell like pizza....lol

Does it look like the recipe card? I think I added more cheese...

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Sporty Room

I think we have a room unpacked....lol...well kinda. It's our sports/living/computer room. Not sure what to call it yet. It's the downstairs family type room. Doug collects Mcfarlane figures, mostly goalies and quarterbacks.

This is the stairs and door to the laundry area, storage and my craft room aka guest room. You can see the futon with Doug's Toronto Maple Leafs blanket....and there's Jersey....

Here's the hockey wall. Half is dedicated to the Toronto Maple Leafs and the other half is Doug's other goalies.

This is the Football wall. See my love for the Saskatchewan Roughriders? You can see my books and Doug's quarterbacks and his hats. Only 9 football players are Mcfarlane 3 are the older starting lineup Dan Marino figures.

Now this is the computers and maybe the neatest you'll ever see them...lol. It gets bad sometimes. On Doug's side you can see 4 football players, 2 are Dan Marino and 2 are Tomilson. Yes, more Dan Marino figures (and he says i'm bad with Keanu Reeves...lol)

Now I'll show you the small wall behind my desk. It's dedicated to Roller Derby and far from done. Right now it's only one poster, a calendar and an autographed picture of the Thrashin' Lassies.

So....that's room number one in our house. Our whole house....not just the basement of some house we share. Every room is going to drop your jaw by the time we're done. Every room is going to have a theme and going to be amazing. The main bathroom is kinda already done because we did have a bathroom at the last house so the dolphin bathroom maybe the next room I photograph. But the half bath(pirates) and kitchen(witch) will take months and be an on going process.

I'm so proud of my house...can you tell? :)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Old School Recipes

So like I've said....I want to try new things in the kitchen. I have this recipe box from Betty Crocker that used to be my mom's and boy is it old. The year on them is 1971. You can look at the pictures and tell how old they are...by the plates, the napkins and other things besides the food in the pictures.

You can kinda tell how old they are. And you can see my Dad's added touch. When Mom asked for her stuff back he duct taped the box. It's his way of saying "you want your recipes box?.....well here you go....try opening this now. And if you can...it'll be all sticky".

Anyways.....it included a few home made recipe cards. Some hand written and some typed on a old school typewriter.

I know the typed one's are my Mom's but not sure the hand written ones. There are some miss spelled words I'm pretty sure my Mom knows how to spell. Maybe they're my grandma's.

Here's a cake Mom made for my 7th birthday. It was more a brown bear then a panda Bear.

Anyways....I think I'm going to try some recipes in there. Maybe one a week....not sure depends on if I work or not. The one I think I might pick for next week (cuz I don't have money this week) is Potato Pizza....can't go wrong with pizza.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Taco Bake.....mmmmm

Okay so I couldn't try out a new recipe....I have no money to get the stuff I need....but I did make an old favorite....Taco Bake!!

It's easy and just follow the instructions. Brown meat....I used lean ground beef but we have had it with ground pork. You add the seasoning provided and water. I wanted it to be a bit more healthy so I added onion and red pepper.

Then you use a pie plate...we don't have one so I used the square one we had. you then layer a tortilla with meat. I add grated cheese....old cheese. Then another tortilla and so on.

It bakes for about 15 minutes then you cut the sucker up. We add sour cream and sometimes salsa.

Excuse the ugly pot holder....we're waiting for Halloween to find witchy ones.

Okay that was kinda what I want to do with new recipes, not old but you get the idea...lol

Stoves are kewl but hurt kitties are not.

Well.....we are moved. One week now in our new house...and I use the stove today. He he.....made grilled cheese sandwich for Leif. I know that's a weird thing to be happy about but we lived in a basement suite with no stove. We had a microwave, a slow cooker, a convectional oven and an electric frying pan....no stove. I was hoping to make something different today with this new stove of ours but I didn't get my stupid money....So it's quick, easy and oh so yummy Taco Bake.

On a side note my handsome man got hurt. This is him....

Loki is my all black kitty...I have 4. A few days after we moved he started limping then a few days after that he stopped using his front leg altogether. He was eating, drinking and using the litter box. He would sleep most of the day and come for cuddles like always but he didn't use that paw to walk. He would play with his mouse using that paw too. I called the vet on Friday and they said if he still isn't using it by Monday to make an appointment. Just seeing him was going to be $75 and since we just moved money is so tight. But when I go home after midnight from work and nothing seemed to change....I ready to call this morning. Then 5am a big black beast was laying on top of me purring his head off and rubbing his head on mine. My Loki was back!! He didn't come to our bed before cuz it wasn't a floor that had his food and poop box on it. By the time we really got up he wasn't even limping on it. Yay!! He'll be kicking Gainer's ass in no time.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Tupperware Fart

Moving tomorrow!!!!.....and you think I'd have something better to do then look at tupperware online. I really want some but not just any tupperware, I want the stuff I grew up with. You know the Orange, Green, Yellow and Brown stuff....I look at that and that screams my childhood.

I like the all Orange canisters, the bowls with the lids you can use as plates, the bowls with the lids like paper fans where you push in the middle to seal, the cups, the cups with the handle and the picture jug with the button you push in the lid to have a tight seal. I already have the spice canisters. I just wish I had the money to get some of the kewl stuff i'm finding. I think our kitchen with look kewl with the vintage tupperware.

Time for more packing.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

So Many Boxes!!

I'm taking a break from packing to type this. I've packed so many boxes I think I might scream...and we got rid of so much in the last year. Why do I have so much crap?? Doug has his collections and I have my many collections....then there's Leif's stuff and he's a spoiled only child.

I packed away my sewing machine...I even said "Good-bye for now". I'll miss that thing...but the next time we'll meet I'll be setting up my craft room. I'm so excited to have a craft room. It so hard to keep the living room neat when it's also your craft room. Then I can start my 13 Days of Halloween Swap.....whoot!!

On a side note...I had a dream about my dad last night. He's always the fun, happy dad in my dreams and I like that. 80% of the time he was so mad and angry...it's nice to remember his smile. I hope he comes to Leif at night. Leif never met him, Leif would have liked the fun, happy grandpa.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Pirate Bathroom

So in the new house we have an extra half bathroom. Never had one of those yet....only one bathroom for me. It's on the main floor between the livingroom and kitchen so guests will be using it for sure. So since all my other rooms have themes, it needs one too. First I thought Zombie but I think it would be too gory....so we came up with Pirate!! Perfect when the livingroom is Movie theme and the kitchen will be Witch themed....kinda goes together.

I wasn't going to buy anything for that bathroom yet but I broke down yesterday. The store that sells the Roller Derby tickets sells some kewl stuff and pirates a re kewl, right? I picked up a pirate rubber ducky and a towel which is more rockabilly sailor then pirate but I think it'll look good with everything else. I don't want to much jolly roger flag stuff....that's the easy pirate way to go. I want to do more.

Time to go pack....4 more day until the move.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day Mom

Ya I had a Father but he didn't raise me, my mom did. Friday my Mom moved out. 8 am I woke up to her crying. The movers were going to be here to get her stuff and her room and kitchen still need to be packed...her back was killing her...my sister wasn't home and my brother was refusing to get out of bed. So I got up and packed her room. I filled my van with the not so easy stuff to pack and took that over.

I picked my Mom up today so she can grab more of the stuff she had to leave behind and she was crying again. My sister, who always has Sundays off, was no where to be seen and my brother was sitting on his ass watching TV. The place didn't look like anyone unpacked anything. But I know my Mom did as much as her body would allow her. With her bad hips, back, shoulders, etc....she can't do much.

I'd be over there helping if I didn't have my own stuff to pack. I move in a week and I think as soon as I'm done I'll worry about her place more. I wish I didn't have to work tonight or I could pack more of my shit.

Why do I have so much stuff?

Friday, June 18, 2010

Mom's move and Roller Derby

I've been busy with packing and moving....my mom moved out today. I'm going to miss her....but not my brother and sister. I woke up this morning with my mom crying. The movers were going to be here at 9am and there were so many things to pack. My sister wasn't home but her stuff was all packed and my brother refused to get out of bed. So I finish packing my mom's stuff and helped as much I could. A few things have been left but I can bring them over in the van in a few week. We'll be moving in 9 days.

I've been going to the Roller Derby. I enjoy it so much. Next one is in a week....but I won't let moving get in the way. I'll pack my ass of for the next week and my reward with me the Roller Derby. Everytime I go I come home wanting roller skates....lol. I'm rooting for my Thrashing Lassies but I'm trying not to...they are the best team. I made a shirt for myself to support the Roller Derby in general....see above picture....lol

Monday, May 3, 2010

Bad Blogger

I can't believe how bad I am at this Blogging thing. I thought it'd be on here everyday.

I've behind in my swaps....I feel bad. Maybe I should one do one at a time. I really love swaps. Researching you're partner so you can make the perfect things and waiting until they get them to see what they think. Then there's also getting stuff in the mail...I love getting stuff in the mail.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Craft or Prepare to Move

I love this rose right now.....so pretty.

I have 2 swaps that need to be don in the the next week or so. One that needs to be done by the middle of May. I don't plan on joining anymore until after we move....well i'll try. I'm really going to have trouble not checking out the swapping forum. Maybe I'll just do one or 2 easy ones....but I really shouldn't.

I need to use my time to get rid of stuff and pack...and I need to use my money to pay for movers. Doug has his surgery over a year ago but he's still on light duty. He shouldn't be lifting heavy things. I can't live here anymore and waiting until July is hell. I just want to jump ahead to August.

My brother had a temper tantrum and punched a wall breaking his hand. Then he took off for 2 weeks to someone's house up by Edmonton. My mom doesn't know who. My sister is sneaking out of the house for some reason. She's an adult and mom doesn't care. She didn't care when I did it in my teens, she doesn't care her son hasn't worked in over 4 years, she doesn't care her youngest has no sense of responsablity.

I need a bath to calm down now.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Adult = Job = Bills

What does it mean to be an adult? really? I assumed you moved out, got a job and lived a life away from home. Maybe not the last one but the first two for sure. I was out when I was 19....day after my last day of high school and I was in another city, 3 hours away. I started paying rent when I turn 18 and was getting government money...I would cash the cheque in mom's account and take out a bit for me and the rest went to mom.

My brother just turned 24 and my sister is 22. One hasn't worked in many years and the other has a job but doesn't pay bills. It's all my mom's responsibility. Everyone sees it too....it's just not me. Other family and friends say "why doesn't he get a job?" or "why doesn't you're mom say something?". I can't do anything.

I hear my brother throwing a fit last night....yelling and slamming doors like he did when he was 14 years old. What does he have to mad about? He has no bills or rent to worry about. Poor baby can afford smokes, drugs whatever. He throws his fit until mom or my sister throw money at him. Then he's gone. He doesn't help out....I heard mom last year tell him to mow the lawn for $20. Hell I'll do it for the $20 and pay rent and bill.....drive you around without asking for gas.

My sister is the baby and sure acts like it. She got to go to college while living at home for free. I was told to "move out or get a job" when I was going to Mount Royal. She's got a good job with benefits and she still complains. But does she still pay rent or bills...no. Mom does. She pays the cell phone bill with 2 cell phones on it. One is suppose to be moms but it's really my brothers.

I can't believe it but i must bite my tongue and walk away. It's like seeing a loved one in an abusive relationship. Its mom's choice, all I can do is let her know I'm here if she needs me. It's what she knows, she grew up in an abusive home with brothers and sisters that were jerks, and a grandfather that was a real ass. She then live with my fucked up dad for more then 10 years. Now my brother and sister are doing it to her.

My son will not be the same. He will not grow up the way I did or end up the way they are. When he's old enough he's getting a job. Not to pay bills but so when he does move out he has some experience and make descent money. I was 24 with a 2 year old trying to find a job with no experience. He already knows being an adult equals having a job. He's very smart and hates school but I told him he needs to graduate. He knows this too.

I'm so proud of my 9 year old already.....wait until he's an adult.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

St. Pats Day ~ Volunteer Day 3

So today is St Patrick's Day. I have one shirt that I only wear this day of the year....and it has a Care Bear on it. You'd think I'd where it more but I hate the color green and I don't want strangers or even non-strangers "rubbing my belly for luck". It's also not long enough, like most women's shirts so I have to layer with a longer shirt under it. I don't layer....I hate layering. I wear a coat and that's it.

I hope to get crafting today....after my good deed of volunteering I'm going to craft.....mmmmmmm.....having a craftgasim.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Van talk

Picked the boys up from Cubs....it was my week to drive so I have to pick up Todd and drop him off. Todd and Leif are so much alike it's scary and things that are different are like night and day. Most of the time I hear video game talk coming formt he back seat. Today I heard "remember at camp when they told us our crotch is the hotest part of the body". They're only 9 years old.

Volunteering Day 2

Here I go....day 2 of volunteering at Leif's school. These kids are much better then the other years I've volunteered. Either the teacher is good or grade 4 is when kids stop being little shits. I think it's both.

I should be home crafting....ug....so much to do. I have everything thing I need for the Sock Monkey swap and all but on for the the Alice in Wonderland swap. I almost thing I have too much for the AIW Swap.

Today is a bad day for crafting anyways....I'll be lucky to get anything done. Swimming lessons this morning....shopping for supper after swimming. Then I have to get Leif for lunch. After lunch I have to get supper done and hopefully some dishes (I'm so behind). Pick up mom and Leif at 3:15 and 3:30. Come home and finish supper...leave at 4 for more swimming. Get home at 530 feed Leif and get him ready for cubs. Leave at 6:15 to pick up Todd and drive the boys to cubs. Come home and get Doug's supper ready.....get boys from cubs at 8:30.....I'm tired just typing that.

Wish me luck!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Starting my Blog

Here i go. Starting a blog. Why? I honestly don't know why. I've been reading other peoples blog and I'm enjoying them. That seems like the thing to do on Craftster.

Right now I'm addicted to swapping. I've finished 2 and have 4 to go. One isn't on Crafter...lol...and i just finished that one today. It's a Dragon Egg....I'm throwing in the dragon....

I really like making stuff for strangers. I'm not sure family and friend like homemade stuff so I try not too.