Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Pirate Bust

Look at what I found at Value Village....

He's a bit pale right now so he needs to be painted. Doug wants him to be blond with blue eyes but I don't know. I think he'll be a wonderful addition to my pirate bathroom.

Here's more from our awesome unfinished pirate bathroom....

Herbie the Parrot....

A painting I bought at the last Roller Derby....

Isn't this an awesome towel?

I found a kewl looking treasure chest at Michaels I hope to get this week. And I have more ideas but this is what we have so far.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Pizza Potatoes

Here's something I made from the old-then-me recipe card I got from my mom....

You take a box of scalloped(I used two) and put them in a casserole dish.

You take a can of tomatoes about 1 1/2 of water and oregano put in all in a sauce pan and bring to a boil.

You add it to the potatoes and put a layer of pepperoni...

Then mozzarella cheese.....my favorite part...

Cook it all at 400 for 30 minutes and your house will smell like pizza....lol

Does it look like the recipe card? I think I added more cheese...

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Sporty Room

I think we have a room unpacked....lol...well kinda. It's our sports/living/computer room. Not sure what to call it yet. It's the downstairs family type room. Doug collects Mcfarlane figures, mostly goalies and quarterbacks.

This is the stairs and door to the laundry area, storage and my craft room aka guest room. You can see the futon with Doug's Toronto Maple Leafs blanket....and there's Jersey....

Here's the hockey wall. Half is dedicated to the Toronto Maple Leafs and the other half is Doug's other goalies.

This is the Football wall. See my love for the Saskatchewan Roughriders? You can see my books and Doug's quarterbacks and his hats. Only 9 football players are Mcfarlane 3 are the older starting lineup Dan Marino figures.

Now this is the computers and maybe the neatest you'll ever see them...lol. It gets bad sometimes. On Doug's side you can see 4 football players, 2 are Dan Marino and 2 are Tomilson. Yes, more Dan Marino figures (and he says i'm bad with Keanu Reeves...lol)

Now I'll show you the small wall behind my desk. It's dedicated to Roller Derby and far from done. Right now it's only one poster, a calendar and an autographed picture of the Thrashin' Lassies.

So....that's room number one in our house. Our whole house....not just the basement of some house we share. Every room is going to drop your jaw by the time we're done. Every room is going to have a theme and going to be amazing. The main bathroom is kinda already done because we did have a bathroom at the last house so the dolphin bathroom maybe the next room I photograph. But the half bath(pirates) and kitchen(witch) will take months and be an on going process.

I'm so proud of my house...can you tell? :)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Old School Recipes

So like I've said....I want to try new things in the kitchen. I have this recipe box from Betty Crocker that used to be my mom's and boy is it old. The year on them is 1971. You can look at the pictures and tell how old they are...by the plates, the napkins and other things besides the food in the pictures.

You can kinda tell how old they are. And you can see my Dad's added touch. When Mom asked for her stuff back he duct taped the box. It's his way of saying "you want your recipes box?.....well here you go....try opening this now. And if you can...it'll be all sticky".

Anyways.....it included a few home made recipe cards. Some hand written and some typed on a old school typewriter.

I know the typed one's are my Mom's but not sure the hand written ones. There are some miss spelled words I'm pretty sure my Mom knows how to spell. Maybe they're my grandma's.

Here's a cake Mom made for my 7th birthday. It was more a brown bear then a panda Bear.

Anyways....I think I'm going to try some recipes in there. Maybe one a week....not sure depends on if I work or not. The one I think I might pick for next week (cuz I don't have money this week) is Potato Pizza....can't go wrong with pizza.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Taco Bake.....mmmmm

Okay so I couldn't try out a new recipe....I have no money to get the stuff I need....but I did make an old favorite....Taco Bake!!

It's easy and just follow the instructions. Brown meat....I used lean ground beef but we have had it with ground pork. You add the seasoning provided and water. I wanted it to be a bit more healthy so I added onion and red pepper.

Then you use a pie plate...we don't have one so I used the square one we had. you then layer a tortilla with meat. I add grated cheese....old cheese. Then another tortilla and so on.

It bakes for about 15 minutes then you cut the sucker up. We add sour cream and sometimes salsa.

Excuse the ugly pot holder....we're waiting for Halloween to find witchy ones.

Okay that was kinda what I want to do with new recipes, not old but you get the idea...lol

Stoves are kewl but hurt kitties are not.

Well.....we are moved. One week now in our new house...and I use the stove today. He he.....made grilled cheese sandwich for Leif. I know that's a weird thing to be happy about but we lived in a basement suite with no stove. We had a microwave, a slow cooker, a convectional oven and an electric frying pan....no stove. I was hoping to make something different today with this new stove of ours but I didn't get my stupid money....So it's quick, easy and oh so yummy Taco Bake.

On a side note my handsome man got hurt. This is him....

Loki is my all black kitty...I have 4. A few days after we moved he started limping then a few days after that he stopped using his front leg altogether. He was eating, drinking and using the litter box. He would sleep most of the day and come for cuddles like always but he didn't use that paw to walk. He would play with his mouse using that paw too. I called the vet on Friday and they said if he still isn't using it by Monday to make an appointment. Just seeing him was going to be $75 and since we just moved money is so tight. But when I go home after midnight from work and nothing seemed to change....I ready to call this morning. Then 5am a big black beast was laying on top of me purring his head off and rubbing his head on mine. My Loki was back!! He didn't come to our bed before cuz it wasn't a floor that had his food and poop box on it. By the time we really got up he wasn't even limping on it. Yay!! He'll be kicking Gainer's ass in no time.