Saturday, April 30, 2011

Tired of It All

So what has happened? Alot and yet not much at all.

I'm no longer talking to my best-friend. She ditched me at the bar to go home with some guy when I came down to visit her. I had to get her 13 year old to let me in at 3am. Then the next morning I left to catch the Greyhound and never heard from her. I left her 13 year odl to take care of her 11 year old and 5 year old. She acted like nothing happened and kept talking to me in facebook. Until she comment on someone's picture and a penis popped up on my son's news feed. I told her since she's friends with my son she has to watch what she comments on. i was kinda joking because I know it's not going to scar my son but I was worried about what other people thought. She said I was ruining her name and her career as a social worker...btw she's in her first semester of school so she has no career. Her name will always "be associated with distributing porn to children" so she can't be my friend anymore. I'm more upset I didn't unfriend her first. Now I have a tattoo that matches was the Chinese symbol for "friendship" but now it means "beautiful dolphin" if anyone asks. Hopefully the person can't read Chinese.

Speaking of tattoos...I'm really jonesing for my next tattoo. My brother got a goddy owl with a skull standing on a diamond. I want an owl too but grandma isn't going to come back to see it so it'll have to wait. So I want to get a yellow rose for my mom then she can see it and maybe proud of me. But where should I go? I'm hoping to hit up the next Tattoo expo and see a few artists there. I'd love to find someone that'll work with me. I tell them what i want, they design it and give me a price. Then they wait for my to save up to do it. Then we do the same for the next tattoo.

Then there's work. I can't believe how petty a bunch of grown woman can get. That and my hours are being cut. I went from working full time for 6 months to 3 shifts a week. I how it goes back up to at least 4 but I don't know. I'm really friends with anyone and I'm not a butt kisser so I'm not sure what's going to happen. Most of my shifts are supervising so if I wasn't trained as a supervisor I'd be screwed. But I may be anyways because they hired a girl to train as a supervisor so I might loose those shifts too. Part of me feels she's the type that can get any job she wants and when something better comes along she'll be gone. One can only hope she's smart enough. I want to get a second part time job so if they need me to work full time again they can't and they'll be screwed. I did drop off a resume somewhere awesome so keep your fingers crossed.

Tried the keep my mind off of things that make me upset. So I've been crafting and getting my son hooked too. Bought my son some perler beads and he's awesome at it. I'm so happy because he has Developmental Coordination Disorder and wasn't sure if he could do it. You need motor skills to work with such small things and well...he doesn't have very good motor skills. But he can beat almost any video game....go figure.

On a side's Derby day. One thing I'm obsessed with, the Roller Derby. I wish I could skate and I wish I could play. But I will be a fan and cheer on my girls...that's something I can do well.