Monday, October 18, 2010

Grandma's are for hugs.

My grandma is sick and in the hospital. She's knocked out and a machine is breathing for her. They want her oxygen levels to go up and her lungs to start working. They're giving her until Tuesday then they're "pulling the pug" as TV puts it. I'm going to miss her but she's not the same since her stroke 5 years ago and things keep getting worst. And it doesn't help that everyone that lives near her are a bunch of self centered bastards.

Thursday night she called around to people trying to get someone to drive her to the hospital but everyone was too busy. Friday morning a family friend, not family, drove her. She had 9 kids and 8 are still alive, plus the many grandkids who drive. Why couldn't anyone drive her? My Mom talked to Grandma Friday morning before Slim came for her. Mom said she sounded awful. Why wouldn't you want to drive your mother or grandmother to the hospital? I would have but I don't live in that city.

If grandma passes....that's going to be the last memories she had. Of her family not being there for her...of feeling alone. I hate that.

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The Blue Faerie said...

My grandma is also nearing the end of her life. When my grandpa passed, I didn't find out until three days after. I told my parents that no matter what, I want to be there when my grandma goes.

I hope your grandma's last thoughts are of your mom calling her, and of you caring so much for her. :)