Wednesday, March 17, 2010

St. Pats Day ~ Volunteer Day 3

So today is St Patrick's Day. I have one shirt that I only wear this day of the year....and it has a Care Bear on it. You'd think I'd where it more but I hate the color green and I don't want strangers or even non-strangers "rubbing my belly for luck". It's also not long enough, like most women's shirts so I have to layer with a longer shirt under it. I don't layer....I hate layering. I wear a coat and that's it.

I hope to get crafting today....after my good deed of volunteering I'm going to craft.....mmmmmmm.....having a craftgasim.

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nikonlady said...

Merry meet,
Absolutely LOVE your word
"craftgasim" EPIC freakin win!

I love your blog. I found you on Crafster.

I'm a single Mom with an adult daughter, who is the opposite of your brother & sister...I'd say more like you. Sounds like your Mom is a great lady and did a GREAT job raising you. Hang in there with the sibs.
My brother is a total moron...but a very wealthy one. He's an officer in the Army, but is NEVER there for my folks. It annoys the living hell out of me - so I get ya!
Take care and blessed be!