Friday, June 18, 2010

Mom's move and Roller Derby

I've been busy with packing and mom moved out today. I'm going to miss her....but not my brother and sister. I woke up this morning with my mom crying. The movers were going to be here at 9am and there were so many things to pack. My sister wasn't home but her stuff was all packed and my brother refused to get out of bed. So I finish packing my mom's stuff and helped as much I could. A few things have been left but I can bring them over in the van in a few week. We'll be moving in 9 days.

I've been going to the Roller Derby. I enjoy it so much. Next one is in a week....but I won't let moving get in the way. I'll pack my ass of for the next week and my reward with me the Roller Derby. Everytime I go I come home wanting roller I'm rooting for my Thrashing Lassies but I'm trying not to...they are the best team. I made a shirt for myself to support the Roller Derby in general....see above

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Wulf said...

Good luck with the move! Don't forget to take a few minutes before you move your stuff into the new place to give it some sort of cleansing and blessing, even if it's only sprinkling a bit of salt around the corners and sweeping out the corners of the rooms (preferably with a new broom. Leave your current one behind along with all the troubles you're leaving.)

Love the t-shirt.