Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Pirate Bathroom

So in the new house we have an extra half bathroom. Never had one of those yet....only one bathroom for me. It's on the main floor between the livingroom and kitchen so guests will be using it for sure. So since all my other rooms have themes, it needs one too. First I thought Zombie but I think it would be too we came up with Pirate!! Perfect when the livingroom is Movie theme and the kitchen will be Witch themed....kinda goes together.

I wasn't going to buy anything for that bathroom yet but I broke down yesterday. The store that sells the Roller Derby tickets sells some kewl stuff and pirates a re kewl, right? I picked up a pirate rubber ducky and a towel which is more rockabilly sailor then pirate but I think it'll look good with everything else. I don't want to much jolly roger flag stuff....that's the easy pirate way to go. I want to do more.

Time to go pack....4 more day until the move.

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Andréann said...

we have tones of rubber duck. Probably too much! This one is really cool!