Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Old School Recipes

So like I've said....I want to try new things in the kitchen. I have this recipe box from Betty Crocker that used to be my mom's and boy is it old. The year on them is 1971. You can look at the pictures and tell how old they the plates, the napkins and other things besides the food in the pictures.

You can kinda tell how old they are. And you can see my Dad's added touch. When Mom asked for her stuff back he duct taped the box. It's his way of saying "you want your recipes box?.....well here you go....try opening this now. And if you'll be all sticky". included a few home made recipe cards. Some hand written and some typed on a old school typewriter.

I know the typed one's are my Mom's but not sure the hand written ones. There are some miss spelled words I'm pretty sure my Mom knows how to spell. Maybe they're my grandma's.

Here's a cake Mom made for my 7th birthday. It was more a brown bear then a panda Bear.

Anyways....I think I'm going to try some recipes in there. Maybe one a week....not sure depends on if I work or not. The one I think I might pick for next week (cuz I don't have money this week) is Potato Pizza....can't go wrong with pizza.

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