Monday, July 5, 2010

Taco Bake.....mmmmm

Okay so I couldn't try out a new recipe....I have no money to get the stuff I need....but I did make an old favorite....Taco Bake!!

It's easy and just follow the instructions. Brown meat....I used lean ground beef but we have had it with ground pork. You add the seasoning provided and water. I wanted it to be a bit more healthy so I added onion and red pepper.

Then you use a pie plate...we don't have one so I used the square one we had. you then layer a tortilla with meat. I add grated cheese....old cheese. Then another tortilla and so on.

It bakes for about 15 minutes then you cut the sucker up. We add sour cream and sometimes salsa.

Excuse the ugly pot holder....we're waiting for Halloween to find witchy ones.

Okay that was kinda what I want to do with new recipes, not old but you get the

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